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Scent of a Room - Size Matters

Scent of a Room - Size Matters

You just received your 12 ounce At Ease candle & you're excited to get lit. It smells divine right out of the package (cold scent throw).  You place the candle on a coaster & fire it up in your living room hoping for an amazing, hot scent throw.  Wait, what in the world is scent throw?

A candle's scent throw refers to how evenly the scent is distributed throughout a room. It originates from the melt pool of a burning candle.  The heat given off by the melt pool creates an updraft of warm air that contains the scent. Many factors affect scent throw to include type of wax, fragrance oil quality, amount & temperature at which fragrance is added, wick size & type, additives & curing time of the candle. However, the two most important factors are how easily the fragrance oil evaporates & the temperature of the wax when burned. 

Simply stated, the larger the candle wax pool, the greater the scent throw. The ideal depth of a wax melt pool is 1/4". That's why large candles & those with multiple wicks generally have greater scent throw compared to other types of candles. A 4 oz candle is great for a small space (think guest bathroom) while an 8 oz candle is perfect for a bedroom, large bathroom or other 10 x 10 space.  A 16 oz candle is great for a 20 x 20 space. Keep in mind that a room with an open floor plan or one with a high ceiling is best suited for more than one candle.

So, before you input the digits from your debit card to purchase a candle, consider where the candle will reside & choose the size best suited for the space.  Don't be afraid to have fun & burn multiple candles of varying scents at the same time. You're sure to create a tantalizing scent of humor of your very own!   

Get lit!



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