At Ease Candles


Im so glad you stopped by!  Since youre here, Id love to share the At Ease Candles birth story with you.  Itll be short & painless, I promise.  

My candle obsession ignited years ago when I servein the Army.  No, not back in Nam.  At any rate, I was a candle snob disappointed in the candles available.  It seemed as though all I was really paying for was fancy packaging, uninspiring names & poor quality.  A girl can only get so excited about firing up a mass-produced candle with a generic name.

I yearned for a more personal connection with the candles I burned in my home.  I wanted eco-friendly candles created with passion, love & attention to detail.  I wanted amazing candles infused with humor & wit that I could relate to.  Thus began my wild & wacky wax adventure to craft candles for the most pernicious candle snob I knew-me!

After countless meltdowns, obscenity-laden rants & savory cocktails, I achieved imperfect perfection I kept the candles to myself initially then began to gift them to my favorite peeps Bullies, also known as friends, family & two creatures who claim I birthed them, encouraged me to share them with you.  

If you have a moment, please take a look at the video below to learn more about what makes At Ease Candles burn brighter than the rest.  I truly hope you love the candles as much as I do.  After all, I make them just for you!