At Ease Candles


You & your charitable friends want to raise money for a great cause? You are both kind & generous! Why not shake up your fundraising effort & break free from car washes & bake sales? Here's how At Ease Candles can help. 

1. Your group selects one weekend for which it will receive 20% of all At Ease Candles sales.

2. Your group begs & pleads anyone & everyone to get online & buy candles. The more products sold, the more money your group earns.

3. We'll advertise & scream from the rooftops to help promote the event. To make it even easier, we'll provide materials for you to share online or in person.

If you're interested in sharing our scents with humor & raising money for your great cause in a drama-free manner, let's get the fundraising party started!  Please submit the form below with the following information:

  • Name, email & phone number of group leader
  • Brief description of group & planned use of funds raised
  • Desired weekend for fundraising

We can't wait to hear from you & assist in raising funds for a worthy cause! 

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